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This has been a challenging year for Mujeres Latinas en Acción and our community due to the harsh effects of the state budget impasse, but Mujeres continues to thrive thanks to our donors. Our donors have ensured that no one seeking our services has been turned away, despite scheduling delays and waitlists imposed since the budget impasse. Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault don't deserve this; neither does anyone seeking other basic human services.

Can you imagine a community without the services provided by Mujeres Latinas en Acción? We sure can't, and neither can our participants. Survivors of domestic violence like Micaela definitely can't, because without our services she and her children would still be trapped in the vicious cycle of violence. She would still be held hostage in her own home having to deal with "every insult, humiliation, and abuse in silence." Without our Domestic Violence Program, she would not have had the resources and support to leave her abusive husband and provide her daughter and son with the proper guidance through our Children's Therapy Program. Micaela wouldn't have received an order of protection or the proper referrals to file for divorce and receive permanent residency. Thanks to private support, last year alone we were able to empower more than 5,000 individuals just like Micaela who were seeking a life free of violence.

Because of success stories like Micaela's we know that nothing, not even the lack of a state budget, will stand in our way to provide life-saving services to our community. In a setting when many other social service organizations have closed their doors, ours will continue to stay open thanks in large part to donors like you. In these times of crisis we find ourselves more committed to our mission of empowering Latinas, their families and communities by providing them with culturally proficient services to end gender-based violence and to engage families in life-changing, grassroots leadership initiatives.